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On 20-21 September 2018 in Minsk, Belarus, Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum (EEDRF) is held.

The conference will gather representatives of international law firms, corporate lawyers, heads of Belarusian and state companies, experts in the field of litigation and arbitration from the Baltic countries, CIS, Europe and the United States, law students, members of the academic community and the public sector.

The topics discussed during the conference include, among others:

  • Fishing for appropriate expert (qualification, experience, costs and ethics)
  • Experts and conflict of interest concept
  • The role of business intelligence in support of litigation
  • Forensic accounting experts: when investigation is required to get to loss quantum...
  • Thin line between providing an independent expert opinion and advocacy
  • Party-appointed experts in arbitration
  • Appealing expert’s results. Experience of Ukraine
  • Tribunals’ tools to manage the use of experts efficiently
  • Role of tribunal in appointment of experts: “inquisitorial” and “adversarial” perspectives
  • Party- and tribunal-appointed expert - status of regulation

More information and registration at the conference website.

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