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On 30-31 January 2018 in London, C5 holds its 7th annual International Disputes and Asset Recovery involving Russian and CIS Parties conference.

Topics for the conference include:

  • Arbitrability of Corporate Disputes in Relation to International Commercial Arbitrations
  • Resolving Shareholder Disputes involving Russian and CIS Parties
  • Debate: Co-operation of Lawyers from Different Jurisdictions on Cross-border Cases
  • Costs in International Arbitration and Litigation: Top Tips for Managing “Claimant-Lawyer-Funder” Tri-Partite Relationship
  • Extradition and Law Enforcement Cooperation with Russia and CIS Jurisdictions
  • High Stake Energy Battles arising out of Russia and CIS
  • Getting Through the Complexities of Law and Valuation: Damages Claims in Disputes

More information and registration at the C5 website.

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