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id: 10189

id: 10189

Act on Consideration of Complaints by Financial Market Entities and on the Financial Ombudsman

of 5 August 2015

(Journal of Laws Dz.U. 2022 item 187, as amended)



Chapter 2. Consideration of complaints by financial market entities

Art. 10. If claims arising out of a customer’s complaint are not upheld, the response referred to in Art. 5(1) must also contain notice of the possibility of:

1) appealing against the position set forth in the response, if the financial market entity provides for an appeal procedure, as well the manner of filing such appeal;

2) use of the institution of mediation or arbitration, or other mechanism for amicable resolution of disputes, if the financial market entity provides for such possibility.

Chapter 4. Out-of-court dispute resolution proceedings between a customer and a financial market entity

Art. 36. 1. Proceedings are initiated at the request of a customer of a financial market entity.

4. The Financial Ombudsman refuses to consider a dispute if:

4) a case concerning the same claim is pending between the same parties, or it has already been considered by the Financial Ombudsman in proceedings, an arbitral tribunal, another competent body or court;

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