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id : 20365

id: 20365

Warsaw Regional Court order

dated 8 June 2011

Case No. XX GCo 79/10

Summary by arbitraż.laszczuk.pl:

The prevailing party applied to the Warsaw Regional Court for recognition of an arbitration award granting declaratory and monetary relief. In July 2010, the court ordered recognition of the award. The respondent filed an interlocutory appeal against recognition of the award. Meanwhile, the respondent filed a petition with the Katowice Regional Court to set aside the award. The award was set aside in November 2010, and the order became legally final. In 2011, the Warsaw Regional Court held that the proceeding seeking recognition of the award had become moot, and accordingly vacated the order recognizing the award and discontinued the proceeding.

Excerpt from the text of the court’s ruling:

Because the arbitration award was set aside, issuance of an order on recognition of the award became moot.

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