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Polish Supreme Court ruling dated 30 December 1926 Case No. I C 2009/24

1. A finding by the courts of two instances that an arbitration award is unenforceable is essentially a consequence of the judicially confirmed invalidity of the award, depriving it of force and effect.

2. The objective invalidity [of the arbitration award] could occur only if the scope of authority of the arbitration court was not specified at all or was extended generally, without closer description, to any and all disputes between the parties.

Publication date: 30-12-1926 | Case no.: I C 2009/24

Key issues: arbitration award, recognition and enforcement of domestic arbitration award

id: 20005

Warsaw Appellate Court order dated 6 July 1926 Case No. IC N 89/26

This provision [former Civil Procedure Law Art. 13701] that consideration of claims referred to in Civil Procedure Law Art. 1370 shall lie with the court which would have jurisdiction in the event of a judicial dispute should be understood as reiterating the general rule with respect to jurisdiction of the court depending on the amount sought by the plaintiff.

Publication date: 06-07-1926 | Case no.: IC N 89/26

Key issues: arbitrator, state court assistance

id: 20306

Polish Supreme Court judgment dated 5 May 1926 Case No. Rw 398/26

There is no provision in the code prohibiting the parties from including a provision in a valid arbitration clause that if one of the arbitrators refuses to take part in the proceeding or sign the award, the other remaining arbitrator or arbitrators together with the presiding arbitrator shall constitute the complete arbitration court appointed in accordance with § 577 of the [former Austrian] Civil Procedure Code.

Publication date: 05-05-1926 | Case no.: Rw 398/26

Key issues: arbitration agreement

id: 20303

Polish Supreme Court ruling dated 14 August 1923 Case No. Rw 2287/22

Because it was found that the petitioner had not signed the arbitration clause, through placement of her signature or her mark, it was correctly ruled that the arbitration award issued on the basis of such clause was ineffective, and with respect to both petitioners; from the nature of the legal relationship which was to be determined by the arbitration award, there is an apparent uniformity of interest for both of the petitioners.

Publication date: 14-08-1923 | Case no.: Rw 2287/22

Key issues: arbitration agreement, arbitration award

id: 20302

Polish Supreme Court resolution dated 8 November 1922 Case No. R 832/22

An arbitration agreement is governed by provisions of public law, not private law. Under the regulations concerning the judicial system, a person who is formally subject to guardianship due to mental illness may not become a judge; therefore, applying this rule by analogy, a person is not capable of serving as an arbitrator who at the time of appointment as an arbitrator was formally subject to guardianship due to mental illness, notwithstanding the claim that such person was already in fact mentally fit at that time or upon issuance of the award.

Publication date: 08-11-1922 | Case no.: R 832/22

Key issues: arbitrator

id: 20301

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