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On 14 September 2017 in Kiev, the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICAC at the UCCI) holds a conference IV International Arbitration Readings in Memory of Academician Igor Pobirchenko: “International commercial arbitration: modern challenges” as part of its 25th anniversary celebration.

The first session of the Readings will be devoted to the discussion of modern requirements for arbitration, including issues such as:

  • Requirements to arbitration from the point of business
  • Implementation of the principles of the inquisitorial procedure by arbitration as a mechanism for reducing its terms and costs
  • Arbitration reform in Ukraine: an unmissable opportunity or a bitter failure?
  • Does international arbitration still dwell in an ethical no-man’s land?
  • Doctrine of «unexpected decision» in international commercial arbitration

The second to the discussions on the role of arbitrator in the arbitration process.

More information and registration at the website of ICAC at the UCCI.

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