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On 29-30 June in New Delhi, India, ICC and FIDIC hold a joint conference on “FIDIC Contracts - Claims and Disputes Under International Construction Contracts”.

Internationally renowned engineers, construction arbitration specialists and in-house lawyers of leading companies in the field will share their practical experience and knowledge on the FIDIC contracts and the related procedures for claims and disputes, Dispute Boards and ICC Arbitration in construction cases.

The topics of the conference include:

  • An Introduction to the FIDIC forms of contract
  • The advantages and use of FIDIC contracts in Asia
  • Introduction to the key concepts of the future FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Underground Works
  • Introduction to Dispute Boards
  • The ubiquitous Dispute Boards in Asia
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: Changing landscape of arbitration in India
  • ICC Expedited Rules in practice
  • ICC Court activities dealing with FIDIC awards (Report on the position of FIDIC’s official Observer on the ICC International Court of Arbitration)
  • Time is Money: Factors which escalate costs in construction dispute
  • Too many cooks make the broth: Multi-party and multi-contract issues in Asian construction arbitration: a focus on subcontracting

More information and registration at the ICC website.

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