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Work of Tribunal Secretary and Arbitrator’s Impartiality - English High Court’s Judgment


The scope of duties that can be delegated by arbitrators to tribunal secretaries has been a source of numerous controversies in the arbitration environment, as well as of challenges formulated by parties with respect to arbitration proceedings and awards. A new light has been shed on this issue by the judgment of the High Court issued as a result of an application for the removal of co-arbitrators submitted under section 24 of the English Arbitration Act 1996. More

CIArb International Arbitration Guidelines


Over the last year, Practice and Standards Committee of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (PSC), which is charged with the development and promotion of best practice in arbitration worldwide, published ten new International Arbitration Guidelines. The Guidelines are designed for international commercial arbitrations and are not based on the laws of any particular jurisdiction and/or arbitration rules, the recommended good practice principles and standards are equally applicable in domestic arbitrations, including those seated in Poland. More

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