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Warsaw Court of Appeal order dated 31 March 2015 Case No. I ACz 358/15

1. Rulings of arbitration courts, like rulings of foreign courts, may have content departing from the requirements imposed on such domestic rulings by Polish law.

2. The absence of an express regulation with respect to adjustment of arbitration rulings does not exclude such adjustment if as a result of an indubitable interpretation of the arbitration ruling it is possible to conduct an interpretation of the foreign writ so that it would exert the same effects as a domestic ruling by indentifying the relief and its scope.

2. As Art. 783 §1 of the Civil Procedure Code provides for the possibility of including in the enforcement clause, when needed, information concerning identification of the relief subject to execution and the scope of execution, this means that the possibility of the court making an interpretation of a writ of execution in the form of a ruling of an arbitration court is not excluded if it involves only identification of the relief and its scope.

3. Only in a situation where making an objective interpretation is not possible should the application be denied, because issuance of an enforcement order which the execution authorities cannot execute would conflict with public order. Interpretation does not consist of issuing the court’s own ruling, replacing or amending the ruling of the arbitration court, but should only display or make more understandable the intention of the arbitration court already expressed in the ruling—even if it is set forth imperfectly and inadequately defined for purposes of its enforcement—and in this respect help give effect to that intention.

4. It is incorrect to refuse to issue an enforcement clause solely because the award somewhat less precisely describes the scope of the parties’ settlements with respect to the costs of the proceeding.

Data wydania: 31-03-2015 | Sygnatura: I ACz 358/15

Key issues: costs of arbitration, recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration award

id: 20428

Broniszewska Joanna

Competence of an Arbitral Tribunal to Refer a Question for Preliminary Ruling [Original title: Kompetencja sądu arbitrażowego do zadania pytania prejudycjalnego]

ADR. Arbitraż i Mediacja 2016, No. 3, p. 5-17

Key issues: state court assistance, costs of arbitration

id: 31791

Szmit-Fąderska Izabela, Kowaczyk Bartłomiej

Enforcement of an Arbitration Award on Costs of Proceedings. A commentary to the Order of the Warsaw Court of Apeal dated 31 March 2015 (I Acz 358/15) [Original title: Stwierdzenie wykonalności wyroku sądu polubownego w zakresie kosztów postępowania. Glosa do postanowienia Sądu Apelacyjnego w Warszawie z 31.03.2015 r. (I Acz 358/15)]

Glosa 2016, No. 3, p. 58-65

Key issues: costs of arbitration, recognition and enforcement of domestic arbitration award, recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration award

id: 31782

Łaszczuk Maciej, Szumański Andrzej

The Arbitration Rules of the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce. Commentary [Original title: Regulamin Arbitrażowy Sądu Arbitrażowego przy KIG. Komentarz]

Warszawa 2017, pp. 604

Key issues: general works, arbitrability of dispute, arbitrator, arbitration agreement, arbitration procedure, costs of arbitration, interim measures, jurisdiction of arbitral tribunal, settlement before arbitral tribunal, arbitration award

id: 31829

Neumann Marek

Cost Allocation in Arbitration under the Arbitration Rules of the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce

Arbitration Bulletin - Young Arbitration 2016, No. 24,, p. 41-57

Key issues: costs of arbitration

id: 31557

Orecki Marcin

Lack of Funds for an Arbitration Proceeding and the Arbitration Agreement [Original title: Brak środków finansowych na postępowanie przed sądem polubownym a zapis na sąd polubowny]

PPC 2016, No 1, p. 87-100

Key issues: arbitration procedure, costs of arbitration

id: 31516

Owczarek Olga, Stoyanow Marie

Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration: Is it Time for Some Soft Rules?

BCDR International Arbitration Review 2015, Vol. 2, Issue 1, p. 171-199

Key issues: arbitration procedure, costs of arbitration

id: 31514

Szpara Justyna

A Few Remarks on Enforceability of a Decision on Costs of Arbitration in Case of Lack of Jurisdiction of the Arbitral Tribunal to Resolve a Dispute [Original title: Kilka uwag o wykonalności rozstrzygnięcia o kosztach postępowania arbitrażowego w przypadku braku właściwości sądu polubownego do rozstrzygnięcia sporu]

[in:] Jelonek-Jarco Barbara, Kos Rafał, Zawadzka Julita (eds), Usus magister est optimus. Legal Papers Dedicated to Professor Andrzej Kubas [Original title: Usus magister est optimus. Rozprawy prawnicze ofiarowane Profesorowi Andrzejowi Kubasowi], Warszawa 2016, p. 727-736

Key issues: costs of arbitration, jurisdiction of arbitral tribunal

id: 31546

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